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ROGS Wildlife Removal Services

With nearly 50 years of trapping experience, I understand the problems these nuisance and property damaging animals pose to residents, businesses, and farmers. My priority is to accurately assess the problem and offer my expertise to remove the wildlife.

The current raccoon population in the state of Iowa is at an all-time high. Fur prices have steadily declined during the last 10 years, putting fewer hunters and trappers in the field. Additionally, the cost of equipment, supplies, and gas have continued to increase. The combination of low fur prices and high operating expenses has left very little incentive to pursue raccoons in large numbers.

New rules recently developed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and approved by the Natural Resource Commission of the Iowa DNR, allows for year-round, hunting and trapping of raccoons on private land.

At ROGS Wildlife Service, I would like to assist farmers with overpopulated, crop damaging, and nuisance raccoon. With the new rules developed by the Iowa DNR, this no longer has to be done exclusively during the traditional trapping months of November, December, and January. Raccoons can now be targeted throughout the year to help minimize damage to field corn before it becomes vulnerable during the R3 (milk) and R4 (dough) stage of growth.

* Limited Ladder, Attic, and Rooftop Work *

Service Area

Polk County

Warren County

Rates vary depending on the situation.
Contact us for Current Rates.

Deceased Wildlife Removal

ROGS Wildlife Service can remove all deceased wildlife on your property as well.
This is wildlife only, no domestic animals please.

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